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You own a business and you are ready to take the next big step i.e. getting into the technical era and flowing with the time.  Your prototype might be a promising establishment for your organization, but for it to actually work, you need to look for a development company that flows at your pace and completes your prototype needs. Which company should you choose? What if they are unable to handle your prototype needs? How to filter the companies out? It’s a lot to take in at first, but don’t worry. You can tackle this issue in steps. Below mentioned are a few tips that you need to keep in mind while looking for a developer company.

1. Are they willing to align with your needs?

A lot of developer companies tend to avoid asking their consumers about the theme or the visuals that they should be working with because at times it isn’t practical to ask a non tech person and explain to them why their visual prototype isn’t feasible for the actual prototype development.
You need to look for a developer that actually sits down and explains to you why they can’t go forth with thee visuals that you have created and what would be more effective. Communication is the key. Both you and your developer can together come up with a new visual for your brand and that’s how you know that you have found the right person for the job.

2. Do they have prior experience?

Working with developers who have previously been working with a lot of start-ups cab be very beneficial for you and your organization.
Start-ups have different challenges and issues than mature businesses. You need someone who understands the problems of a start-up and acts on them. Development agencies specializing in supporting start-ups have a deep understanding of the challenges you will face as you ascend.

3. What about your company budget? ​

Often times looking for a developer for your company can take a huge toll on your pocket if you aren’t careful enough. Yes developers need to be paid but that doesn’t mean that you cannot avail products within your budget. You need a developer that is transparent with the product cost. Forming a budget before stating a product development is a green flag that you should be looking for in developers.

4. What kind of companies should you be looking for? ​

Large developer corporations with multiple management layer does sound like something you should be looking for but reality is far from it. What you should be looking for is smaller firms with most experience. In larger firms there is a huge chance of miscommunication due to multiple management layers and you don’t need that for your product. Small firms focus more on communication and good budget development and often times they are more willing to listen and explain your development needs.

5. Don’t forget about your security and maintenance needs. ​

You need to look for developer companies that are ready to work for your product maintenance even after the product tenure is over. The developers who worked with your product before know better what’s wrong with the code and how to fix the issue rather than someone from a third party.

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